RECAP: Bridget's Baby Shower


A Recap of Bridget's Baby Shower


I know its been some time since the actual baby shower, hell, River's been born already! But I was just now able to work on the photos from the shower and I wanted to share them with you all. I was a little disappointed with how they looked initially (disappointed in my own abilities, not my subjects of course!) but I messed around with the tones a bit today and like them a lot more!

First of all, this was my very first time planning an event or occasion for someone else. Bridget and I have been friends for years and I was ready to take on the task. There were a few of us girls heading up the shower and we were determined to give her a memorable one that she would cherish forever.


One of the hardest parts of planning this shower in LA was finding a location big enough to fit up to 50 people that didn't cost a month's worth of rent 😭. In the end, we went with old faithful, AirBnB. Make sure when you're booking through AirBnB that the host is aware that you want to throw the event! Not everyone is ok with it. I had stayed at this place before and remembered how great the outdoor area was. We knew we wanted to keep people outside and have it at golden hour to keep it from being to warm. We found a local company in LA to rent a few tables and a load of chairs for the party. Luckily, we purchased some cheap tables clothes off of Amazon and found some great bows to tie on the backs of the chairs for a bit of an elevated style. 

Since Bridget is originally from Texas, we wanted to bring that in to the shower celebrating baby boy, River. The cowboy boots and blue paisley were a nice touch to the decorations. Bridget did all the flower arrangements herself (check our her business River+Rose for more!), and the polaroid camera was a lot of fun for extra keepsakes. 


Now.. THAT CAKE!! 😍Bridget's friend Tyla get FULL CREDIT on that one. You can follow her at @tjssinfullysweetcakes. Not only is it rustic and beautiful, but it tasted amazinggg. Bridget was so happy when she cut in to it and SURPRISE! it was a funfetti cake! haha

All in all, it was a wonderful day, Bridget looked beautiful, the energy was great, and you could feel the love that was being shared! I'm so excited to welcome baby River in to my life as my godson and even MORE excited to watch him grow up with Bridget's guidance. 

I love you Bridget!

You're going to be a great mom. :)