Dropsale Alert! - Introducing Recleau


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IMG_0253 2.JPG

That’s right, you heard it here first. Issa sale! And not just any sale… a designer sale. Let me introduce you to a new & exciting shopping experience from Recleau. I had the pleasure of collaborating with Recleau to experience their Influencer Dropsale so that I may share it with you!

This month’s Dropsale features designer brand Cushnie, recently rebranded from Cushnie et Ochs. Once we got word that the sale was live, I rushed to the site making sure I would get first dibs on the styles available. It’s pretty cool because there were items from past & present season all at amazing discount prices.

I love designer items but can’t always afford them. I usually end up spending my money on trips & experiences rather than high priced items. Recleau gives everyone the chance to own designer at price points a bit more friendly to our wallet! Even cooler, they choose a new designer each time. I must have looked through the pages a hundred times before choosing the one item I was going to splurge on, because lets be honest, on-sale designer is still a bit more than the fast fashion items we are now used to. It had to be something I would get multiples wears out of (practical, at best), but still eye-catching so as to reflect the designer price tag. There were dresses, tops, pants, skirts, even ath-leisure items! I finally decided on a pair of fire red bell bottoms and I am SO glad that I did!

I took my red pants with me to Paris and caught some eyes while prancing around Les Marais. Paired with a simple “Girl Power'“ tee and a fun hat; the look was perfect. My legs looked a mile long and my confidence was through the roof. Merci beaucoup, Recleau & Cushnie! This American in Paris was anything but ordinary.

Do you want to shop the sale? You’re in luck! The first official dropsale to the public is on OCTOBER 1ST and you can be one of the first to shop it. Sign up at the link below and your membership is free! Hurry, its limited to the first round of sign ups and won’t stay free for long.

Comment below if you were able to become a member! ❤️

RECAP: Bridget's Baby Shower


A Recap of Bridget's Baby Shower


I know its been some time since the actual baby shower, hell, River's been born already! But I was just now able to work on the photos from the shower and I wanted to share them with you all. I was a little disappointed with how they looked initially (disappointed in my own abilities, not my subjects of course!) but I messed around with the tones a bit today and like them a lot more!

First of all, this was my very first time planning an event or occasion for someone else. Bridget and I have been friends for years and I was ready to take on the task. There were a few of us girls heading up the shower and we were determined to give her a memorable one that she would cherish forever.


One of the hardest parts of planning this shower in LA was finding a location big enough to fit up to 50 people that didn't cost a month's worth of rent 😭. In the end, we went with old faithful, AirBnB. Make sure when you're booking through AirBnB that the host is aware that you want to throw the event! Not everyone is ok with it. I had stayed at this place before and remembered how great the outdoor area was. We knew we wanted to keep people outside and have it at golden hour to keep it from being to warm. We found a local company in LA to rent a few tables and a load of chairs for the party. Luckily, we purchased some cheap tables clothes off of Amazon and found some great bows to tie on the backs of the chairs for a bit of an elevated style. 

Since Bridget is originally from Texas, we wanted to bring that in to the shower celebrating baby boy, River. The cowboy boots and blue paisley were a nice touch to the decorations. Bridget did all the flower arrangements herself (check our her business River+Rose for more!), and the polaroid camera was a lot of fun for extra keepsakes. 


Now.. THAT CAKE!! 😍Bridget's friend Tyla get FULL CREDIT on that one. You can follow her at @tjssinfullysweetcakes. Not only is it rustic and beautiful, but it tasted amazinggg. Bridget was so happy when she cut in to it and SURPRISE! it was a funfetti cake! haha

All in all, it was a wonderful day, Bridget looked beautiful, the energy was great, and you could feel the love that was being shared! I'm so excited to welcome baby River in to my life as my godson and even MORE excited to watch him grow up with Bridget's guidance. 

I love you Bridget!

You're going to be a great mom. :)

Spring Queen



Spring has sprung in Southern California and Danielle Victoria is the personification of such. She radiates beauty and romance, with or without her floral counterparts.

Rich throned immortal Aphrodite, sceming daughter of Zeus, I pray you, with pain & sickness, Queen, crush not my heart, but come, if ever in the past you heard my voice and hearkened, and lift your father’s halls and came, with gold chariot yoked; and pretty sparrows brought you swiftly across the dark earth fluttering wings from heaven through the air.
— Sappho, Archaic Greek Poet

Find the goddess within yourself and don't forget that YOU... are worthy of praise. 


Hands down, there is no way this shoot could have been possible if not for the amazing team involved. Danielle and I worked really hard to find the perfect fabrics for our back drops and Natalie of LazaroFloral understood EXACTLY what we wanted to achieve. With Alysha Sherri's makeup skills we were able to transform Danielle in to a celestial renaissance princess and I couldn't be happier with the outcome! 

Hope you all enjoyed them as well. <3


model: Danielle Victoria
photography: Alysha Nett
makeup & hair: Alysha Sherri
florals: Lazaro Floral

Planning a Baby Shower!


You guys, its happening. One of my best friends is HAVING A BABY! 😱 Bridget is welcoming a baby boy in to this world and I have the pleasure of planning a co-ed bash to celebrate the little one. 

I'll be honest, at first I wasn't quite sure where to start. From what I remember about baby showers, you go to someone's aunt's house and sit in the basement while opening presents and playing silly baby games. Baby Bingo? Bingo.

Fast forward to 2018 and a lovely website called Pinterest, and suddenly its a whole new ball game! 


Bridget is from Texas and with a little boy on the way it only seemed fitting that we have a cowboy western themed party. I've been pinning my life away and coming up with all kinds of inspo and craft ideas for the event. Its tough to find event space in Los Angeles, especially on a limited budget. We were looking for somewhere to hold 30 people comfortably that wasn't going to break the bank. With no relatives or friends with homes large enough, I took to AirBnB! I found the perfect home in Echo Park and a gracious host that was more than happy to rent to us. Be sure to check with your host before having an event at your AirBnB space to avoid extra fees or worse, being kicked out!


Keep your eyes peeled for the final results. I'll be sure to take LOTS of photos and hopefully some video too! Would you want me to live stream part of it so you can all feel involved?? 

It's 4:20 Somewhere

Bess Byers by me

Bess Byers by me

Meet Bess, aka Cannabess on Instagram. Clever, right?? She's the cutest stoner I've ever known and I'm happy to share her with you!


I've known Bess for several years and met her through our mutual friend, Bridget. Fast forward to present day, all three of us have left LA to pursue other endeavors. It was cool because we were all in town at the same time and able to collaborate on this shoot together! Bridget brought the flowers courtesy of her new flower business, River and Rose. I did the photos, and Bess brought her bad-ass self! Bess' friend Val provided her makeup skills and lucky for us, the ladies at  Vidakush provided some great styling items!



Hydrafacial courtesy of Sente Bella Med Spa

Hydrafacial courtesy of Sente Bella Med Spa


I can't believe I haven't gotten this treatment sooner! My thirsty AF skin soaked up every second of this slippery facial. 

chlorophyll water for guests

chlorophyll water for guests

no downtime! no irritation! immediate results!

no downtime! no irritation! immediate results!

This was my first visit to Sente Bella Med Spa here in San Diego. It's located downtown near the Gaslamp District with parking underneath the building. I made it upstairs and was greeted by two friendly receptionists. They checked me in and I tried the chlorophyll water while I waited. It wasn't long before I was taken back and prepped for the service! 

Its a quick & relaxing 30 minute treatment that cleanses, extracts, and hydrates your skin. Essentially, it uncovers a new layer of skin through gentle exfoliation then removes debris from your pores before nourishing with intense moisturizers, antioxidants, and peptides to make you GLOW. ✨I highly, highly recommended it. My skin is super dry and with the laser treatments I receive every 4 weeks, it can often get TOO dry. I feel like this will become a new addition to my skincare regimen. Don't forget to ask them to do your neck and chest as well! 

Click here to learn more about how it works!

Escape To The Big Easy - NEW ORLEANS

at the Royal Sonesta New Orleans || dress: @jeuillimite

at the Royal Sonesta New Orleans || dress: @jeuillimite

Oh New Orleans, how I love thee. 😍The music, the art, the architecture, THE FOOD. It is one of my favorite places to visit. I must admit, NoLa has not always been good to me. There was "The Stolen Backpack Incident" in 2015, "The Great Jell-o Shot Blackout of 2016" (hey it happens to the best of us), a very dramatic birthday also in 2016, and I'll never forget the food poisoning from hell in 2017. You see, New Orleans and I have a very tumultuous relationship. Perhaps I'm a masochist but I think I just choose to see the best in everyone. 

This time around was going to be different. It was just my boyfriend and I. No work, all play. We (gasp!) PACED OURSELVES when it came to drinking. We walked nearly 7 miles a day and ate the best food we could find. There was shopping, partying, relaxing, and a lot of laughing.


We arrived in New Orleans on a Tuesday night and jumped in a Lyft to head to our hotel The Royal Sonesta New Orleans in the French Quarter. Not only was the hotel conveniently situated on Bourbon Street, but it was breathtakingly beautiful. It smelled so refreshing as soon as you walk in, partly due to the fresh flowers throughout. That may seem like a small detail, but if you've ever walked Bourbon Street then you know how.... fragrant it can be. The Royal Sonesta was quite literally, a breath of fresh air. 

We got checked in with record speed and dropped our things off in the room. I loved the french doors leading out to the pool area! It was nice to wake up to yummy breakfast, a pretty view, and fresh air every morning. 


Check out the gallery below for more photos of this impressive hotel! If you want to see the photos I took on one of their amazing balconies, click here!

The first night we decided to do a little bar crawl. We started near the hotel having one or two drinks per bar, heading towards the other end of the strip. One of our favorite bars is the Lafitte's Blacksmith Bar on the far end of Bourbon. It's the oldest bar, like, ever! Literally. Pretty sure it's haunted too. 😱


The next morning we had breakfast in the hotel then set off for Frenchmen St. If you've never been to New Orleans I highly recommend spending some time on Frenchmen. Locals will tell you that it's THEIR Bourbon St. Every bar has an amazing band playing, good priced drinks, and most have great food as well. I had a shrimp po' boy and was NOT disappointed. Check out some of the film photos I took that day, below.

In the past when Mike and I have visited NoLa together he's usually been on tour so we never had a chance to see some of the "sights" together. I led him on a mini tour of some of my favorite spots, telling him the spooky stories I've learned that accompany them. The Lafayette Cemetery was a top destination followed by some shopping, a trip down Magazine St., and finally it was time to get ready for the evening. 

We had dinner that night at Muriel's in Jackson Square. I had learned on ghost tour during a previous trip that this restaurant was haunted AF! Read about their ghost here. They literally set him a dinner table every single night. Isn't that wild?? Unfortunately there were no ghost sightings that night but the dinner was really yummy regardless! After dinner, we snuck over to our favorite bar in the French Quarter - The Bombay Club. Now listen, this bar is a secret. Let's keep it between us ok? Best food, drinks, and jazz music in the French Quarter. It's super low key inside and decorated like a cozy library or den. We decided to endulge ourselves a bit and tried some Louis XIII! At $150 per ounce, this stuff is no joke! It's a blend of cognac's that range from 40-100 years old. It tasted... like heaven. Sweet & warm, it melted in my mouth. If the bottle wasn't $5000 I'd consider having some at home, haha. Finally it was time for our comedy show. We bought tickets to see Joe Rogan at a nearby theater and he did not disappoint. We are huge fans of his podcast and the stand up was just as good!


Friday was our last full day in town. We did a lot of relaxing, not gonna lie. The pool was too inviting. While it wasn't quite warm enough to get in, it was nice to lay out a bit when the sun was out. We did some shopping closer to their financial district and found some great stuff. Be sure to check out Sneaker Politics if you like sneakers and streetwear. They had a great selection and I picked myself up a pair of blue converse from the Golf Wang collaboration. Defend New Orleans is another favorite. They had a great mixture of new & vintage along with gifts & housewares. We made to sure stop by Cafe du Monde because we couldn't leave without a beignet! 

Saturday morning and it's time to go. Vacationing is always fun, but there's something special about sleeping in your own bed after a trip. Special thanks to Royal Sonesta for the wonderful hospitality and for providing us with accommodations. I would highly recommend staying here if you plan to visit! I'll wrap this up with a few more miscellaneous photos I took and with that, goodbye!

xoxo, Alysha