A healthy face is something I have strived for nearly all my life. 

It all started in good ol' puberty. First it was my scalp becoming overly oily and that soon transitioned to my face. All throughout high school my forehead was a pimply secret that I hid under my extra heavy bangs. I didn't have the money to buy skincare products and my parents didn't see it as a problem, so it's honestly something I dealt with from then until my adult life.

I'm not a skin care expert, but I've tried A TON of products. My skin is dry, and now with the laser treatments I receive, it can be severely dry for almost 2 weeks out of the month. I made this video to share with you what works for me! Everybody is different but here's a look at what I do.

Full disclosure, some of these items were gifts, however, they were items I had already purchased & used before, then I requested them for myself. All the links are below for purchasing info!

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xoxo, Alysha

A Date to The Fair

Mike's home from tour and it's just my luck that it happens to be summertime! There are always so many fun things to do this season and I get excited when we get to experience them together. 

The San Diego County Fair just wrapped up on July 4th! Mike and I made the drive up to Del Mar last week and it was well worth it. The last time him and I went to the fair together was almost 4 years ago on our very first date. Back then, we had went to the LA County Fair where it was 95+ degrees and packed full of people. This time, it was breezy and cool with the fairgrounds near the beach. There were hardly any people there and it honestly couldn't have been a better day.

When we first got there, we took the tram from the parking lot and got off at the arena. It was perfect timing because the truck racing was just about  to begin! We got a couple of beers and sat down for the races. Sadly, we did not get the chance to take our own monster truck ride. 😪

We watched the trucks for a while then decided to roam the grounds a bit, killing time before the pig races. Yes, you read that correct. Pig races!! We checked out the livestock, found a pretty rose garden, ate some kettle corn, and had a couple more drinks. Check out my latest YouTube video to see the cutest pig race ever!

We finally made our way to the games and rides! Getting Mike on a carnival ride is nearly impossible but we definitely checked out the spooky shack and he agreed to go on the swinging pirate boat with me. He ended up regretting that decision but I thought it was fun, haha! We left the fair with 3 prizes so we donated one to a toy drive and gave our dog the other to chew on. The turtle is mine. 

Check out my latest YouTube video below!

xoxo, Alysha

Travel Diary: The Bay (& also the Grand Canyon)

sunglasses:  @crapeyewear

sunglasses: @crapeyewear

Meet my brother, Peyton. He's 18 years old and a recent high school graduate. Like many of us, he was/is feeling a little uncertain about his future. Is college next? What if he doesn't want to go to college? What would he study if he did? We all know that feeling, and if you don't, you will at some point.

I've spent my entire adulthood trying to inspire people. It's not like I think I'm some big shot or anything; it's more that I feel I can relate to many others. Kind of like how I can relate to my brother and what he's currently feeling. When I was his age I was going through the same crisis. I had some scholarship money for college, but once there, I realized I was just reallyyyy over going to school. I wasn't excited about it. I wasn't retaining the information. I had checked out. I never regretting dropping out of college. In fact, the only regret I have is that I went at all. Having debt for no reason is really a drag. Anyway, this trip was meant to inspire. I wanted to show him things he hadn't seen before. I wanted him to understand that he could have a life beyond what he knows. College or not, his life, his choices.


First, drove back from the Midwest to San Diego. We stopped at the Grand Canyon and spent a good amount of time there, admiring the many amazing views.

Once we got back to San Diego I had a lot of work to catch up on. We did, however, manage to go to Balboa and Belmont Park during his stay. We walked around Balboa Park and checked out some great art, a beautiful botanical garden, and lots of people watching. 

Once we hit the road up North, we made our first stop in Santa Barbara. It had been several years since the last time I was there. We decided to stay near the harbor and beach. We spent most of the day walking around the wharf, admiring the boats. We ate fish tacos and hung out on the beach before calling it a night.

The next day, we headed to Monterey. We were super disappointed to find out that the historic PCH HWY 1 was closed down due to a collapsed bridge and land slide. Turns out its going to be down for at least a year! Because of that, we weren't able to go to Big Sur. Guess I'll have to check that out some other time!

Once we got to Monterey, we headed straight for the Aquarium. There were a ton of really cool exhibits. I loved the open sea portion of it and the octopus was awesome. Check out my latest YouTube video for more great footage!

On the way back, we walked down into the wharf and stumbled on the seaside restaurant that they filmed during "Pretty Little Lies". I was obsessed with that show, haha. Of course I had to take some photos. We actually tried to eat there but they didn't have linguine with clams on the menu so we left, haha. True story.

We took our time getting up the next morning. Ordered some breakfast then hit the road up to San Francisco. Peyton had always wanted to come here and I was really glad to be taking him. We stayed in a really cute AirBnB in the Nob Hill neighborhood of San Francisco. We didn't have a lot of time to explore the city, but we did our best to get in as much as we could. 

The first day we were there I shot with photographer Arturo Torres. Our BnB had an insane view so I had to make sure we utilized that. I'll be posting all of these photos on my Patreon later this week. Exclusive members can see all of my photo galleries from shoots.

shot by  @arturodfwc , jacket is  @dropdeadclothing

shot by @arturodfwc, jacket is @dropdeadclothing

The next day, my brother and I explored Golden Gate Park and made sure to see the bridge a little closer. We walked the Haight & Ashbury neighborhood and bought some great vintage finds. For dinner we went to the Fisherman's Wharf and managed to catch the sunset right at the most perfect time!

He flew back to Texas the next day and I stayed behind to shoot some models. All in all I'd say it was a great trip. I can't know if I inspired him or not, but I do know that we made some memories and that's something neither of us will ever forget!


xo, Alysha


all photos shot by me unless otherwise noted

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Ready to give it another go..

It's been a while since I've dipped my toes back in to the blogosphere, but to be honest, I kind of miss it. Long ago I had a Xanga until graduating to Myspace. I was born again on Tumblr, migrated to Instagram, tried my hand at The Bleached Niche with my bff Samii Ryan, went Beyond the Ink for Inked Mag.... and then I took a break.

photos by Celina Kenyon @celinakenyon

photos by Celina Kenyon @celinakenyon

I've gone back and forth on the idea of starting a new blog. What would I talk about? What sort of posts should I make? Will anyone read it? I finally felt like I needed this blog space more for myself than for any other reason. So, if you want to be here, and want to read what I have to say, then that's awesome. I'll be here, spilling my guts and sharing it with whoever subscribes.

So, hi! Welcome. This is just the intro. I'll make my first "real" post on Thursday to accompany the new YouTube video I'll have out that day.


Talk to you guys then!



xo, Alysha