Ready to give it another go..

It's been a while since I've dipped my toes back in to the blogosphere, but to be honest, I kind of miss it. Long ago I had a Xanga until graduating to Myspace. I was born again on Tumblr, migrated to Instagram, tried my hand at The Bleached Niche with my bff Samii Ryan, went Beyond the Ink for Inked Mag.... and then I took a break.

photos by Celina Kenyon @celinakenyon

photos by Celina Kenyon @celinakenyon

I've gone back and forth on the idea of starting a new blog. What would I talk about? What sort of posts should I make? Will anyone read it? I finally felt like I needed this blog space more for myself than for any other reason. So, if you want to be here, and want to read what I have to say, then that's awesome. I'll be here, spilling my guts and sharing it with whoever subscribes.

So, hi! Welcome. This is just the intro. I'll make my first "real" post on Thursday to accompany the new YouTube video I'll have out that day.


Talk to you guys then!



xo, Alysha