A Date to The Fair

Mike's home from tour and it's just my luck that it happens to be summertime! There are always so many fun things to do this season and I get excited when we get to experience them together. 

The San Diego County Fair just wrapped up on July 4th! Mike and I made the drive up to Del Mar last week and it was well worth it. The last time him and I went to the fair together was almost 4 years ago on our very first date. Back then, we had went to the LA County Fair where it was 95+ degrees and packed full of people. This time, it was breezy and cool with the fairgrounds near the beach. There were hardly any people there and it honestly couldn't have been a better day.

When we first got there, we took the tram from the parking lot and got off at the arena. It was perfect timing because the truck racing was just about  to begin! We got a couple of beers and sat down for the races. Sadly, we did not get the chance to take our own monster truck ride. 😪

We watched the trucks for a while then decided to roam the grounds a bit, killing time before the pig races. Yes, you read that correct. Pig races!! We checked out the livestock, found a pretty rose garden, ate some kettle corn, and had a couple more drinks. Check out my latest YouTube video to see the cutest pig race ever!

We finally made our way to the games and rides! Getting Mike on a carnival ride is nearly impossible but we definitely checked out the spooky shack and he agreed to go on the swinging pirate boat with me. He ended up regretting that decision but I thought it was fun, haha! We left the fair with 3 prizes so we donated one to a toy drive and gave our dog the other to chew on. The turtle is mine. 

Check out my latest YouTube video below!

xoxo, Alysha